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House Winter Garden

Winter gardens offer an attractive extension of the property, connecting the interior and exterior of the building, so you can enjoy the unique climate and conditions at any time of the year. In the summer, open the entrance to take full advantage of the warmth and evening atmosphere and provide additional ventilation. In the winter you can enjoy beautiful views outside in shorts, without a moment of coolness.

Our winter gardens are made of attractive, slim aluminum profiles to maximize the field of view. Winter gardens made of aluminum have a slim profile for better visibility and maximum brightness, without fear of darkening the rest of the rooms. Your house will look brighter and you will have additional space for various applications. The strength of aluminum also means that you can create larger winter garden designs, with large roof structures and impressive wide door sliding capabilities.

Extra room which is easy to maintain

Aluminum frames never rot or rust. Also no need for additional maintenance, just wipe the frame quickly with a damp cloth to ensure a clean, shiny shine. Once created winter garden will be enjoyed for years.

Winter gardens combine with our other systems:
– aluminum doors
– aluminum windows
– aluminum balustrades

Types of winter gardens:


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