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An avant-garde design of a thermal broken sliding system that permits maximum luminosity with the minimum amount of seen aluminium profile section. An elegance in design that looks to cover great light spaces with minimum frame fragments of between 9-14% of the total surface. It shows seen centre junction sections of only 20 mm, in the lateral junction at 77 mm and the top/bottom junctions at 57 mm.

Possibility of inlaying the bottom, top and lateral frames.

Possibility of sash meetings at a 90° corner without a mullion.

In its mono channel version, consist of fixed and sash, where hidden rail is found in the fixed area.

This presents a new type of frame for two or three rails that allows the aggregation of a stainless steel rail that affords increased sliding smoothness, load support for the bearings (up to 320 kg/sash) extend durability.

A system with traditional fittings based on circular frame and sashes that allows the sash to be dismantled in case of glass breakage, damage to the aluminium profile etc. It incorporates a rod operated multipoint lock.

  • Accoustic insulation: Maximum glazing: 30 mm.
  • Maximum accoustic insulation Rw=41 dB
  • Transmittance: Uw from 1,3 (W/m²K)Please consult typology, dimensions and glass
  • Opening possibilities:
    · Sliding of  2, 3, 4 & 6 sashes
    · Possibility of 3 rails. (3 sashes or 2 sashes + 1 fixed light)
    · Possibility of 1 rail

    (1 sash + 1 fixed light)

    – Possibility of corner sash at 90º
    without mullions.

    ·  Galandage possibility in 1 & 2 sashes

    Apertura #13 Apertura #14 Apertura #15Apertura #25 Apertura #31 Apertura #34
  • Sections / Profile thickness:
    – Frame – 116 mm. 3 Rails 182 mm.
    – Sash – 37 mm.
    Door 1,7 mm.
    Polyamide strip length 16 – 24 mm.
    – Width(L)= 2.200 mm.
    – Height(H)= 3.000 mm.
  • Maximum weight/sash 320 Kg.Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions for other opening types
  • Air permeability (EN 12207:2000): CLASS 4
  • Water tightness (EN 12208:2000): CLASS 7A
  • Wind resistance (EN 12210:2000): CLASS C5 

    Reference test 1,23 x 1,55 m. 1 sash + 1 fixed light