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Lattices-Decorative BLIND/S

Our Lattices style blinds are dedicated to be used indoor and outdoor providing great visibility control. Side to side ventilation feature is the main merit aspect when considering this choice.

Being made from strong aluminium means that out binds are slim, light and durable. Ideal for wall finishing in rural and urban areas, commercial or private use.

Louvre types


Decorative lattices


Tubular louvres

Decorative louvres

Façade covering louvres:


-Square undulated

Maximum reccomended lenght

Lattices 2.0 m.
Decorative lattices 1.5 m.
Mini-lattices 1.3 m.

Tubular louvres 2.0 m.

Decorative louvres 6.5 m.
* Depending on project specifications,
it is possible to reach a longer louvre
length (please consult)

Coefficient of Visibility

Lattices 71% – 55º
Decorative lattices 56% – 50º
Mini-lattices 55% – 45º
Tubular louvres 76% – 90º
Decorative louvres 86% – 90º

Resistance to wind load lub Wind load resistance:

(EN 13659:2004)
Lattice: CLASS 6 (max)
Mini-lattice: CLASS 5
Tubular louvres: CLASS 6 (max)
Tests carried out according to
UNE 1932:2001 norm
Test reference:

Lattice 2 m.

Mini-lattice 1.3 m.

Tubular louvres 1.3 m

Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)

Wood effect powder coating

Anti-bacterial powder coating


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