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External Window Shutters of Aluminium

Exterior Louvered Shutters

European style shutters are available in standard and custom sizes.

Choose from several designs including sliding or hinged classic with fixed or operable blinds.

Need for exterior shutters? Give us a call and we will help you find the

perfect fit for your lifestyle and tastes.


Exterior Louvered Shutters / check solutions:


Our offer includes:

  1. Board and panel shutters:

Characteristic single beautifully crafted board or vertically / horizontally running 100mm planks design secured by frame. Perfect solution for complete darkness need as in closed full option does not provide any light throughput.


  1. Fixed louvered shutters:


Fixed louvers shutter design have blinds permanently open (usually downwards at angle of 30 degrees) which means that there is always ventilation while blocking line of sight and, when used outside your home, normal rainfall.

This choice is tend to be more economical then most other styles of window shutters.

It is ideal for applications like enclosing a utility room, a porch or outdoor shower.


  1. Operable Louvered Shutters:

The beauty of louver shutters lies in their universal appeal.

Adding operational feature makes it even unique and desired.

Operable louvre shutters are equipped with slats that can be opened or closed, either manually or via remote operation. This enables you to regulate the amount of light and ventilation that is admitted into the room, giving extra flexibility.


  1. Sliding shutters:


Another excellent shutter choice with fixed blinds mounted on the specifically prepared rails. This option gives sliding feature while closing and opening shutters for easy access and

space saving requirements.


PLEASE NOTE!!!  Aluminium shutters with fixed blinds can be manufactured only in two versions:

  • Panels only, which are mounted into the frame of the window or the wall.
  • Panels in the frame