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A new, efficient, economic, stylish and sustainable construction solution for re-covering building facades. Made of two layers of the aluminium alloy plates that are bonded together with an extremely strong engineering adhesive and pressed together until the adhesive cures. The result is a complete aluminium composite panel. Each layer of panel is coated externally with PvdF paint (polyvinyl fluoride) which provide additional durability. Nature of non-corrosive material with additional surface protection used means that our panels are perfect answer for internal and external applications.

Aluminium composite panels are structured with polyethylene core in between two aluminium alloy plates as standard. However we do offer a fire proof panels filled with mineral Fire Rated Core designed for external or internal applications where increased fire protection is required.

Our panels display excellent levels of rigidity and tensile strength offering good soundproofing properties and insulation to heat and cold. Choose one of our versatile internal and external cladding solution products and we will exceed your expectations regardless of its complexity.

Fire proof panels specifications:

4 mm panel made up of 0.5 mm thick aluminium sheets, coated with PvdF paint with a thickness of 25/35 microns on the external face and a core consisting of a mineral composition and 3 mm thick polyethylene.

The panel is accredited with the DIT Document of Suitability.

This range is completed with the INTDESIGN 3 mm thick panel which is ideal for internal applications, signage, digital printing, stands etc.

Panel types

(4 mm. panel thickness – Al 0,5 m.)

FR-fire retardant
(4mm. panel thickness – Al 0,5 m.)
(3mm. panel thickness – Al 0.3 m.)

Transmittance / Accoustic insulation


PE-Ust (W/m².K) = 3.38

FR-Ust (W/m².K) = 5.62
For a panel dimensioned
at  1.48 x 1.23 m.

Test according to
EN ISO 12567-1:2000 norm

Accoustic insulation

RW (C;Ctr) dB: (C;Ctr) = 26 (-1, -3)

For a panel dimensioned
at  1.23 x 1.48 m.
Test according to
EN ISO 140-3:1995 norm
3005H44 / 3105H44 / 3105H46
Aluminium thickness:
PE- 0,5 mm.
FR- 0,5 mm.
INTDESIGN – 0,3 mm.
Panel thickness
PE- 4 mm.
FR – 4 mm.
INTDESIGN –3 mm.  
Width panel-stock:
PE-1250-1500 mm.
FR-1250-1500 mm.
INTDESIGN-1500 mm.
Length panel-stock:
PE-4000-5000 mm.
FR-4000-5000 mm.
INTDESIGN-3050-5050 mm.
Panel weight:
PE- 5,46 kg/m²
FR- 8,02 kg/m²
CH – Hanging system
SZ – Male-Female system
Riveted system
Glued system

Certificates: DIT-BBA 


Fire reaction classification

FR- B-s1, d0

(according to EN-13501-1:2007 norm)