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Automatic and Semi Automatic External Shutters

Automatic and Semi Automatic External Shutters

Sliding shutters are designed to protect the windows and interiors of rooms from the effects of UV radiation during the day, reducing exposure to the sun and protecting against rising temperatures in rooms. The 45º shutter, shutter or shutter is the optimum setting to achieve the desired degree of light output. Aluminum profiles are much more resistant to weathering and bending or damage and do not require any special maintenance. All you need to do is clean it with a damp cloth in contrast to classic PVC or wood shutters. It resembles a window profile, but it is less complicated: in the shutter frame there is only one chamber and steel reinforcement.

Color PVC and aluminum shutters can be any – matched to the color of windows or facades or contrast. Aluminum wings are anodized or powder coated, and PVC shutters can be colored or veneered. It is possible to combine various internal lamellas.

Sliding shutters are mounted vertically on a wall outside the window or balcony. The shutter is moved along the opening on the aluminum rails on special guides. The construction of the sliding system allows the blind to be stopped anywhere. It is possible to use automatic and semi automatic systems.

Roller blinds can be installed in single window widths or in the set, eg 3 pieces on larger windows to cover the entire width of the opening.
Buildings equipped with sliding shutters provide users with comfort and rest inside the glazed premises.

The materials and finishes used to manufacture shutters (aluminum and PVC) are completely weather resistant, leaving the shapes and colors unchanged without the need for maintenance. Rain, moisture and sea salt do not affect the quality of the materials used, the sliding shutter system makes it possible to create large wings without damaging the deformability of the profiles. The aluminum sliding system ensures long-term use without control, adjustment or maintenance as opposed to wooden shutters or PVC blinds.

Roller blinds are designed so that their elements work quietly. Their use in buildings increases the architectural value of their elevation, and the possibilities of designing and making such covers are virtually limitless. To see more sliding shutter systems, please visit here.